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Mount Pleasant Lutheran Church

Sep 19, 2022

Luke 16:1-13

This parable shows us how we are to value people over money.  If we can serve one another by the generous use of money, we should.  On Pastor Krista’s last Sunday at MPLC, she thanks everyone for their generosity toward her these last 8 years.

Sep 12, 2022

Luke 15:1-10

Are you lost? When lost things are found, it's because of the searcher's diligence, not because the lost save themselves. So it is with God who continues to search for us every time we lose our way.

Sep 6, 2022

Luke 14:25-33

Jesus' harsh words here are meant to make us think about the cost of following him.  Jesus already paid for our salvation on the cross, and now we get to sacrifice for God and others to bring the reality of the kingdom of God closer now and in the world to come.