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Mount Pleasant Lutheran Church

Aug 29, 2022

Luke 14:1, 7-14

When Jesus saw dinner guests jockeying for a prime spot at the table, he told them to humble themselves instead. When we step out of the struggle for pecking order, we can know instead the sweet joy of being welcomed and lifted up by a God of pure grace.

Aug 23, 2022

Luke 13:10-17

When Jesus healed a woman with a bent-over back, the result was her “Best Sabbath Day Ever!” But in doing so, Jesus had to break a few rules and ruffle some religious feathers. Why would Jesus care more about someone’s freedom from what binds them than about God’s Law?

Aug 17, 2022

Luke 12 : 49-56

Jesus talks about bringing fire and division; even between family members.  What is he getting at? Jesus fiercely loves us and gives us new life through the cross. 

Aug 9, 2022

Luke 12: 32-40

How we understand God, ourselves, and our relationship to the world are all influenced early on by our interactions with our primary teachers, our parents. What have you come to believe about faith because of them? What motivates you to trust in God and follow Jesus?

Aug 2, 2022

Luke 12:13-21

What does it mean to be rich toward God? Thank God for all you have, sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor and consider the poor when making decisions about your earthly goods.  Being rich in God is of eternal value. Without the burden of “stuff” we are freed to serve...